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Inspired to Fight: Henda Salmeron's Story

In the summer of 2009, just six months after a clear mammogram, I learned that I had breast cancer and a 4 centimeter tumor. My tumor was undetected year after year on my mammograms because my dense breast tissue drastically interfered with the effectiveness of a mammogram.
I was never told about my breast density. I was never told that mammography is less effective with dense breast tissue and I was never referred on for further screening. When women are not informed about such a vital piece of information regarding their own health, they are denied the opportunity and choice to protect and advocate for themselves. It was my journey through breast cancer that caused me to become an advocate and to fight for legislation that will allow all women in Texas to be informed about the density of their breasts.

Our best chance for breast cancer survival is based on early detection. I am profoundly grateful to the 82nd Texas House of Representatives and Senate, and Governor Perry, for embracing this legislation and passing it into a law to educate and save women's lives in the State of Texas.

Henda's Law (House Bill 2102) will require FDA certified mammography facilities to provide patients with a standard notification upon the discovery of dense breast tissue. This information will allow patients to take a proactive approach to cancer detection as well as overall breast health and wellness. The notice shall include the following information:

"If your mammogram demonstrates that you have dense breast tissue, which could hide abnormalities, and you have other risk factors for breast cancer that have been identified, you might benefit from supplemental screening tests that may be suggested by your ordering physician. Dense breast tissue, in and of itself, is a relatively common condition. Therefore, this information is not provided to cause undue concern, but rather to raise your awareness and to promote discussion with your physician regarding the presence of other risk factors, in addition to dense breast tissue. A report of your mammography results will be sent to you and your physician. You should contact your physician if you have any questions or concerns regarding this report."  

I'm grateful that I have a strong voice, resources, and that I have never accepted "NO" as an answer. If Henda's Law can help to save just one life; then there was a purpose to my own struggles in this fight.


Inspired to Fight,
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